Grass Like Plant With Bulbs

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to grass.  If you are looking for a grass-like plant with bulbs, there are plenty of examples.

Many types of grass come with bulbous roots, which are often mistaken for grass. These are plants that look like grasses. If you too noticed some of the grass-like plants here and there, and you’re trying to figure out what they are, keep reading; we have a complete list for you.

Grass-like plants with bulb roots:

Here are some of the grass-like plants that come with bulbous roots or bulbs:

1. Wild Garlic

Grass Like Plant With Bulbs

The wild garlic plants are grass-like with bulbous roots. They grow in a bunch in the fields, lawns, and flowerbeds. It is a bulbous grass-like perennial plant. You can eat the flowers, bulbs, and leaves of this wild garlic plant. These plants grow mainly in Europe and United States.

2. Wild onion

The following example of a grass-like plant with a bulbous root is wild onion. The wild onion plants have flat leaves, whereas their stems are hollow. These plants mainly grow in clumps, and you can typically find them in flowerbeds.

3. Nutsedge

Grass Like Plant With Bulbs

Another grass-like plant with a bulb-like structure is nutsedge. This plant can reproduce through tubers. These tubers are about 1 cm to 2 cm long and rounded with scales. First, they appear to be white, and then they slowly turn brown.

This plant has leaves that exactly look like grasses, and it also grows in dense populations too. Sometimes, this grass-like plant can be quite a problem for your gardening and agricultural situations as they can be too hard to control effectively.

4. Onion grass

Another one on this list is the onion grass. It is a perennial grass which you can find in meadows and hills. They can grow in sandy loam soils with rich nutrition.

The base stem of this plant is bulbous in nature. These plants are treated like the best forage grass for the sheep, horse, cattle, deer, and elk. You can see these grass-like plants mainly in higher elevations. Onion grass is actually an excellent season weed that can reproduce from the root bulb. It mostly starts growing in the early spring or the late fall.

5. Bulbous Bluegrass

Bulbous Bluegrass is also called Poa Bulbosa, mainly used for erosion control, pasture, and turf. This plant is primarily considered weedy, and it is perfectly named as they have underground bulbs. These bulbs can help these plants to spread out and reproduce.

Bulbous Bluegrass is a perennial plant that is short-lived in nature. These plants can be found in sub-tropical and temperate regions mainly. You can see them in your garden too.

How to get rid of the grass-like plants

Grass-like plants that are present in your garden or lawn are mainly weeds. Though these plants may seem harmless, they can overrun your property in short order. Hence, you need to ensure that you are getting rid of the grass-like plants with bulbs. All you have to do is:

  • Pull the bulbs out of the soil if the plant has bulbous root or underground stem
  • Destroy the flowerbed or the garden area to treat them
  • Sprinkle some anti-weed commercial product to control the growth of these plants

Grass Like Plant With Bulbs: Conclusion

This is all about the grass-like plant with bulbs commonly seen in the garden. You can easily recognize them because of their structure and unique growing method in bunches.

All you have to do is identify the right type and then know how you can carb it effectively. It is not that difficult, but it can be tricky at times. So, you can consult with an expert too to get some help.