Flowering Shrubs in Pennsylvania: The Ultimate Guide

To increase the aesthetics of your garden, you should consider adding a flowering shrub. These plants add beauty to your yard all year round: they display colorful blossoms in the spring, may produce berries in the summer, and turn orange to red in the fall (unless they are evergreen). Indeed, in this “Flowering Shrubs Pennsylvania” essential guide, we included all of our favorite varieties that perform well in the cold winters and hot summers that characterize this state’s climate.

Flowering Shrubs in Pennsylvania

Shrubs perform excellently as hedges and borders and are perfect for adding more privacy to your property. However, as with most plants, you must choose varieties that work well in your USDA hardiness zone. Doing so will minimize maintenance and ensure you can grow healthy shrubs without suffering from headaches. But what flowering shrubs can you grow in Pennsylvania? Read on to find out.


Flowering Shrubs in Pennsylvania

One of the best shrubs to grow in Pennsylvania is the rhododendron. These plants are attractive and relatively easy to grow, especially after they establish in your garden. You can find varieties displaying pink, yellow, purple, or magenta blooms.

Because there are so many types of rhododendron, we know for a fact that you won’t have problems finding one that suits your taste and your garden’s conditions. From low-growing to tree-size plants, rhododendrons can fill any spot of your garden.

Most rhododendrons thrive in USDA hardiness zones from 4 to 8. If you know where Pennsylvania stands (between 5 and7), you should know that this state offers the ideal conditions for growing this stunning flowering shrub. These plants need a certain amount of chilling hours to produce flowers. Plus, they like hot summers. Pennsylvania can offer both.

Ensure you protect your rhododendron from freezing temperatures: these plants won’t survive hard frosts. Add mulch around their base to regulate the soil temperature. Doing so will also prevent the roots from suffering damage caused by the winter temperatures.

Also, don’t forget that rhododendrons like acidic soils: make the necessary amendments if your pH is higher than 5.5.


Flowering Shrubs in Pennsylvania

Hydrangeas thrive as perennials in hardiness zones between 3 and 7. They perform excellently as hedges and are relatively easy to grow. Plus, their large flowers will attract plenty of pollinators during the flowering season. You can find them in white, rose, blue, or purple colors.

Depending on your garden conditions, you may prefer choosing a dwarf variety or one that grows up to 15 feet high. Under the ideal conditions, these shrubs are fast-growers. With proper care, you may have them filling your spaces in as little as one year.

Plant them under the full sun to get the most out of these hardy flowering shrubs. Also, don’t forget to keep the soil moist: add mulch underneath your plants to increase water retention and regulate the temperature in the ground. If you need to boost flower production, consider applying fertilizer to your plants once per year.

Viburnum Brandywine

Viburnum Brandywine

If you want to add something different to your garden, consider planting a viburnum Brandywine. This upright shrub displays showy foliage with shiny oval leaves that make your garden more attractive. With viburnum Brandywine, you can expect your garden to have a corner of all-year-round beauty. During the fall, the plant’s bright-green leaves turn wine red. While in the spring, the bush produces plenty of white flowers. In the summer, this plant produces stunning berries.

The shrubs grow about five to six feet tall and prefer full sun. Use it as a border or a screen for excellent results. This type of Viburnum is pest and disease-free. Under the proper conditions, you won’t have to worry too much about having this plant thrive.

Spirea Mellow Yellow

The Spirea Mellow Yellow could be an excellent option for those that like bright colors. This shrub reaches between three to five feet in height and does well in Pennsylvania climate. You can enjoy its golden leaves from spring to late fall when they turn brownish. The plant produces clusters of delicate-looking creamy white flowers, which will attract plenty of pollinators in your garden.

You can grow it under direct sun or partial shade. For best flower production, select a sunny location. Plus, ensure the soil drains well.

Flowering Shrubs in Pennsylvania: The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of flowering shrubs you can grow in Pennsylvania. Before picking a variety, ensure you can meet its basic requirements. While they are all suitable to your region, each plant might require slightly different conditions to thrive.