Fast Growing Trees North Texas: The Ultimate Guide

Planting fast-growing trees is an excellent option to ensure your garden gets the shade you need during the hottest months of the year. In north Texas, where summer temperatures can exceed 100F, having some shade to rest under can be a life savior. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, trees can reduce afternoon sun hitting your home and lowering indoor temperatures considerably. Additionally, these plants can be effective as sound and wind barriers, which can come in handy if you have noisy neighbors. Plus, trees can add value to your house, which is never a bad idea.

But what trees should you plant on your property to get fast results? You can find an answer to your question in this “fast growing trees North Texas” essential guide. In this list, we included some of the best trees to plant in your Northern Texas house, where soils tend to be loamy and clayish.

Fast Growing Trees North Texas

The good news is that you can choose among various species of trees. Go through this list and pick one that suits your taste and that will thrive under the soil and sun conditions you can offer it.

Bigtooth Maple

Fast Growing Trees North Texas
Bigtooth maple is the optimal choice to add resistant native plants to your garden. Indeed, this tree is tolerant to the North Texas climate. In nature, ti is abundant in canyon bottoms and prefers moist soils. However, it can thrive in dryer areas too.

This tree produces a spreading crown of dense foliage that displays a beautiful red and orangy color in the fall. Bigtooth maple’s colors will add character to your garden when most other plants might be dormant.

This tree can produce an attractive shade if you let it thrive under proper conditions. Plus, it can attract small mammals and beautiful birds to make your garden more lively.

Luckily, it is not hard to care for bigtooth maple. However, you’ll have to prune your tree regularly to promote health, provide air circulation, remove dead or damaged branches, and maintain a regular shape. With adequate levels of care, you can expect this tree to add as many as 24 inches to its stature each year.

Cedar Elm

You may spot plenty of Cedar elms throughout all of Texas. However, this tree does particularly well in the Northern areas. Plus, they are relatively low-maintenance, making them the perfect choice for beginners or people without the time to care for fussy trees.

Grow it in full sun to get fast results. Under optimal conditions, these trees will grow between 13 to 24 inches per year. This plant does well in various soil conditions, so don’t worry if you have clay soil in your garden. Don’t forget to keep a regular pruning schedule to prevent branches from falling off. Also, pruning will ensure health.

Chinese Pistache

Chinese Pistache is a fast-growing tree that thrives in full sun but needs well-drained and rich soils to withstand heat. Consider adding some mulch around the base to increase water retention and improve its environment. This deciduous tree can make your garden look beautiful in the fall: it grows lovely red, orange, and yellow leaves which you can enjoy as soon as temperatures start to drop after the summer.

Under optimal conditions, this ornamental tree will grow up to 60 feet tall. Despite what its name suggests, this tree doesn’t produce the delicious pistachios fruits. Still, it will be a stunning addition to your Northern Texas property.

Southern Magnolia

Fast Growing Trees North Texas
Southern Magnolias are stunning, lush trees that produce large and creamy white flowers that will inundate your garden in spring and summer. Plus, its glossy dark-green leaves will create an attractive backdrop to any flower beds that you might have in your garden.

This gracious shade tree is evergreen: you can enjoy its dense foliage all year round. Additionally, Southern Magnolias don’t require much attention besides regular watering and pruning. Also, don’t forget to plant it somewhere to get the protection from the wind it needs to thrive.


Fast Growing Trees North Texas
Pecan is Texas’ state tree and will thrive in the Northern parts of this region. Besides making for an attractive shade tree, pecans will also give you plenty of delicious nuts during the summer, which you can enjoy as you like. However, you’ll need to have a big garden to grow this species. This tree grows large (up to 150 feet tall) and has a spreading canopy that might overtake your garden.

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Fast Growing Trees North Texas: Conclusion

This list contained our top five recommendations for fast growing trees North Texas. While you can find other varieties too, we know these won’t disappoint you!