Fast Acting Lime Vs. Pelletized Lime: A Comparison

Achieving that perfect lawn is every man’s dream. Naturally, you want to make the neighbors jealous of how green and healthy your grass is as you sit back and enjoy your outdoor space. Of course, to have the perfect lawn, you must first treat it accordingly. 

One way to gain a healthier lawn is by treating the soil with lime. Lime is a soil additive that adds an alkaline PH component to the acidic ground, making it a more inhabitable environment for plants and grass. 

There are multiple types of lime to use on your lawn, so let’s take a look at two of the most commonly used lime products: fast-acting lime and pelletized lime.

The Difference Between Fast Acting Lime and Pelletized Lime

Fast Acting Lime Vs. Pelletized Lime

Fast-acting lime and pelletized lime are both used to increase the growth of grass and other plants within your lawn. They both do so by adding a base to the acidic soil to create a more balanced PH level that promotes growth and healthier grass. But which type of lime should you use on your lawn?

Fast Acting Lime

Fast-acting lime is simply finely ground limestone. It is ground up into tiny particles, which is how you get the benefit of a fast-acting lime. The smaller the particles are, the easier and quicker they dissolve into the soil. Fast-acting lime is also described as being a more processed form of powdered lime. 

To use fast-acting lime, you want to be sure your soil is slightly dampened. First, use a sprinkler system or even a hose to reach all areas of your lawn for the best results. Then you will add the recommended amount of lime, as per the packaging, to the lawn and evenly spread it across the area.

Fast-acting lime does just as its name suggests; it works almost instantly. As soon as you apply the lime to the damp soil, it goes to work!

Pelletized Lime

Fast Acting Lime Vs. Pelletized Lime

Pelletized lime is a mechanically granulated form of lime. Still, it performs the same duties as fast-acting lime in the powdered version. With pelletized lime, you get the same results, but it tends to be much easier to handle. 

Powdered lime creates a white, dusty, chalky mess which is inconvenient for the person applying the lime and makes it difficult to transport. With pelletized lime, the product is compact in such a way that it does not create a mess and can easily travel to wherever you need it to go. 

When using pelletized lime, it’s vital to remain consistent in the brand/type of product you purchase. Going from one form of lime to another results in soil imbalances and can drastically reduce the benefits of applying the lime to your lawn in the first place.


If you want to spruce up your lawn and create a greener pasture for your family and friends to enjoy, applying lime to your soil will help you achieve that result. Lime can also help kill moss in your lawn. 

Pelletized lime is easier to use if you plan on transporting it, as it is much less messy to apply. Fast-acting lime works well if you want quick results.

Both types of lime will create a more stable environment for your plants and grass to grow, so choosing the best depends on your needs.