Fabricated Deck vs Stamped Deck: A Comparison

Choosing the right lawnmower deck is vital for a positive mowing experience. These decks house the blades for cutting grass, and they also contain protection to prevent lawn cuttings from going all over the place. If you’re in the market for a new lawnmower but aren’t sure if a fabricated or stamped deck is the right fit for you, read on. We’ll compare fabricated deck vs stamped deck to learn about the similarities and differences.

What Is a Fabricated Deck?

Fabricated Deck vs Stamped Deck

Fabricated decks are the powerhouse of the lawnmowing space. They contain materials from heavy-grade steel that stay together via welding. 

You can expect fabricated mower decks to be highly durable, as they have thick plates that make them hold up well against cracking and warping when you mow over challenging terrains.

Fabricated decks are also larger than their stamped deck counterpart, and they often—but not always—cover more area at a time.

What Is a Stamped Deck?

A stamped deck is a lightweight version of a fabricated deck. It has a simpler design structure than fabricated decks, given that it has a single, thin steel plate and doesn’t use bolts or welding to hold it together.

Stamped decks are more economical and hold up well for basic lawn mowing needs once or twice per week. So, they’re a popular choice for residential homes.

Furthermore, because of their lightweight nature, stamped decks make it easier for people to maneuver them. They’re also an excellent fit if you have fragile grass, given that they’re less likely to damage the blades and roots as the mower moves over them. 

Keeping the blades sharp on both stamped and fabricated decks is also vital to maintaining a healthy lawn.

Fabricated Deck vs Stamped Deck: Similarities Fabricated Deck vs Stamped Deck

Below are some of the most significant similarities between the fabricated and stamped lawnmower decks.

  • Contains one to three blades
  • Prevents cut grass from flying everywhere
  • Comes in several sizes

The bottom line is that both fabricated and stamped decks share the same basic operations. But as you’ll see next, their build, hardiness, and use cases vary significantly.

All power lawn mowers also must comply with safety conditions, regardless of their deck type.

Differences Between a Fabricated Deck and a Stamped Deck

There are notable differences between the fabricated and stamped deck, and choosing the best-fit option for you will impact your mowing experience. Below are the biggest differences to know about these two decks:

  • Fabricated decks are best for commercial use
  • Stamped decks are lighter weight
  • Fabricated decks have heavier plate steel
  • Stamped decks have better airflow
  • Fabricated decks have welded steel pieces
  • Stamped decks have more capabilities
  • Fabricated decks are more expensive 
  • Stamped decks are easier on grass

Although manufacturers make fabricated decks with multiple steel plates, the fact that they weld these plates together turns the deck into a continuous steel piece. That offers the fabricated deck more strength and rigidity than the stamped deck, which has a single, thinner steel part.

Whereas fabricated decks will wear down quickly if you use them more than once or twice per week, fabricated decks remain sturdy even with multiple daily uses. For this reason, they’re a favorite among lawn mowing companies and agriculture.

Fabricated Deck vs Stamped Deck: Which Is Right for You?

The stamped deck is likely the best choice if you need a lawnmower for your backyard. Not only is it easier to maneuver, but it’s also more economical. In contrast, if you own a lawn mowing business, live on a farm, or will be mowing on rugged terrain, a fabricated deck is better.

Once you decide between a fabricated and stamped deck, the final step is determining the size deck you should buy. Both mowers come in decks of various sizes. Be sure to measure any spaces you need to pass through with your mower to ensure there will be space for the deck.