Evergreen Vines Zone 7 Growth and Care Guide

Vines give your gardens a beautiful look and are thus preferred by many gardeners as their first choice in planting any climber. These are quite vigorous because of their fast-spreading and growing tendrils and require some support to climb as they can’t stand on their own. Vines add color, texture, and design to your garden walls and make them look artistic and covered. Let’s look at Evergreen Vines Zone 7.

Evergreen Vines Zone 7

Several kinds of vines grow in different regions or zones and evergreen vine zone 7 is one among them. So in this article, we have discussed a few varieties of vines along with their zones and a few characteristics. So let’s continue to read and gain knowledge about vines. The different types of vines are as follows :

1. Akebia quinata

Gelsemium sempervirens

People call it Five Leaf Akebia also and grow in between 5-9 zones. These are both evergreen and semi-evergreen. It looks attractive because of its actively climbing and spreading foliage that is some blueish green in appearance. The flowers are purple and smell nice when blooming. These vines stretch 20-25 feet high and require sunny days to blossom.

2. Clematis armandii

Gelsemium sempervirens

Clematis armandii is also known as evergreen Clematis is an evergreen vine, zone 7 to 9. Its leaves are large and leathery abandoned with fragrance. Its blooms are like stars, white. Generally, this evergreen vine zone 7-9 blooms in spring and reaches up to 25 feet.

3. Gelsemium sempervirens

Evergreen Vines Zone 7

It is also called Carolina Jasmine, this evergreen vine zone 7-9 grows quickly on receiving shady situations and grows up to 20 feet high. With yellow flowers and nice fragrances, it blossoms in dead winters or springs as it needs part sun to bloom.

4. Bignonia capreolata

Another name Tangerine Beauty is a zone 6- 9 vine. It is not entirely evergreen but can be semi-evergreen green. It doesn’t require any complex tactics to grow and can be grown easily. You will get plenty of tangerine blooms for a long time from this plant. It looks beautiful when attached to the floor by its tendrils. You can expect blossoms in the dead spring to summer as it needs full sun to grow.

5. Ipomea acuminata

It is also known as Blue dawn and grows in zone 9-11. Its old flower turns to pink color and thus makes it look more beautiful. It stretches itself to 25 feet high and requires full sun to thrive. You can decorate your home with its fast-rising slope or bank cover with green leaves and vast violet flowers.


1. Planting vines isn’t a thought task but caring can be. You have to be cautious while watering the plant as over and under watering can kill the vine plant.

2. Don’t restrict the plant and let its tendrils come out and take support to climb the windows or doors or you can tie them with some soft material where they can hang themselves and look pretty.

3. Don’t forget to feed your indoor plant with liquid fertilizer once every month.

4. Keep the plant at a place where sufficient sunlight reaches it. Different vine plants require different amounts of sunlight, you can check the plant tag and get the information on how much sunlight your plant needs and then get the right place for it.

5. After doing all the above-mentioned things properly, if your plant isn’t growing then you may need to re-pot it. You can ask any person also who has ever done it before for better results.

Vines, no doubt look more beautiful on trees but generally, it is said that vines and trees shouldn’t grow together and thus be kept separately. Especially when it comes to seventeen vines zone 7 these shouldn’t be entitled to cover your trees for their support as these are fast-growing and can cause certain damage to the tree. Slow-growing vines are also harmful but cause less threat to the plant comparatively.

Evergreen Vines Zone 7: Conclusion

So, grow your evergreen vines ,zone 7 today with the help of above-mentioned tips and enjoy their blossom all year round. Vines will not only make your garden smell good but also provide your eyes some relief with their varied color flowers and beautiful hedges.