Drought Tolerant Utah Native Plants: 10 Best Yard Plants!

Bringing drought tolerant Utah native plants to your yard or garden equals an easier time and less worrying about humidity, watering and frost.

Let’s look at drought tolerant Utah native plants that can survive long periods of time without water. These plants look great and can be used in landscaping projects.

Drought tolerant Utah native plants

Here are 10 drought tolerant Utah native plants you can take home right now.

Silvery Lupine

A wildflower that grows in lower elevations in the state, Silvery Lupine makes for a great garden addition and brings a touch of blue and purple flowers to the landscape.

It’s drought tolerant and enriches the surrounding soil with nitrogen, and it’s fairly manageable since it only grows to about 3 feet tall.

Utah Mountain Lilac

The Utah Mountain Lilac is also known as a mountain lilac and can withstand long periods of non-watering and zero rainfall.

It’s really easy to care for the plant. Place it in a location that gets full sun and surround it with rich organic matter, such as those that can be found in the wild. Blooms are typically blue but there are varieties that produce fuschia and peach-colored flowers.

Great Basin Sagebrush

An aromatic shrub that goes by many names, the Great Basin Sagebrush can thrive in arid conditions and can survive in the mountain, desert and steppe habitats. You won’t need to worry about rainfall or watering when you plant it in your landscape.

Big sagebrush grows in a branching and upright manner, with silver gray leaves and yellow flowers. Put it in a place that gets full sunlight and water only when the soil is completely dry to the touch.

Evening Primrose

drought tolerant utah native plants

Evening primrose has its use in the medicinal industry but it looks amazing in a typical Utah yard or garden. The best part about the plant is that it grows with very little help from humans and produces bright yellow blooms consistently and throughout the growing season.

If you want a flower with a curious habit, look no further than the evening primrose. Its flowers only open up for viewing when the sun sets.


drought tolerant utah native plants

Yucca plants grow in zones 5 through 11 and are one of the toughest plants you can grow in your garden. It prefers to be placed in full sunlight and tolerates sparse watering.

A slow-growing but very independent species, you practically won’t need to care for a yucca once it’s established.

Indigo Bush

Indigo bush is a perennial shrub you can plant in full sun or partial shade. It tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions and is highly adaptable. The wildflower grows quickly and attracts butterflies and birds that love nectar.

Depending on the species you can expect purple, blue or orange flowers to bloom from April to June.

Prince’s Plume

A native plant to the American West, Southwest and North, the Prince’s Plume is a stately presence and commands attention due to its striking foliage and tall blooms.

The flowers are long lasting and can remain fresh as the day it bloomed for weeks on end. At its peak you’ll see bees and butterflies crowding around to get a taste of the nectar. Furthermore, it’s resistant to deer and can thrive in semi-desert environments.

Prince’s Plume can be planted into the ground or in containers and does well in both.

Broom Snakeweed

drought tolerant utah native plants

Broom Snakeweed is relatively short-lived at 20 years, but the time it spends in your yard is usually worth it. It’s very drought tolerant since it can be found on mountain slopes, semi-desert environments and rocky plains.

The warm season perennial takes to any soil, including clay, gravel and sand but grows best in loamy and well-draining sandy mixes.


drought tolerant utah native plants

Goldmoss is a groundcover that doesn’t require too much attention. The succulent variety thrives in poor soil and rewards you with lots of green leaves and small but tightly-clustered and cheery yellow blooms.

Caring for goldmoss is easy- plant where it gets bright light and forget about them. It can survive long periods of drought and is said to be rabbit and deer resistant, too.

Desert Globemallow

drought tolerant utah native plants

A Utah native wildflower that’s sure to delight, the Desert Globemallow sports a shower of apricot and orange flowers packed in clusters of sprawling stems. The foliage itself is somewhat gray, which serves to elevate the blooms and make it appear ethereal.

Drought tolerant Utah native plants: Final thoughts

These plants do well in hot weather and can survive a drought. Caring is a matter of watering only when you remember and in unusually hot spells.

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