Do Ticks Live In Mowed Grass? All You Must Know

Growing a lawn includes dealing with pests, diseases, and weeds. And if you think that ticks are something you may encounter only on woodland walks and camping adventures, you are wrong.

Indeed, you can deal with them on your lawn and garden. And they are the cause of the spread of diseases such as Lyme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and many more.

Of course, the presence of ticks depends on various factors, including the weather (they prefer warmer climates), the time of the year (they are more active from April to September), and your lawn’s conditions. Usually, ticks prefer unmowed areas with weeds and tall grasses, especially when humid and shady.

As humans (or animals) brush against grasses or weeds when passing by, these pests can move on them (and cause the annoying tick bites). So these insects use tall vegetation to get on their host’s bodies.

But do ticks live in mowed grass? Keep reading to find out!

The Truth: Do Ticks Live in Mowed Grass?

Do Ticks Live In Mowed Grass?

The reality is that ticks live in tall and mowed grass alike. Recent studies show that longer lawns don’t attract ticks. The research focused on keeping native bees from extinguishing found that tall grass promotes turf as bees’ habitat and that it doesn’t increase the risk of getting attacks from ticks.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t mow your grass: we all know that it is crucial for keeping a healthy lawn. But if you are dealing with ticks, they will live even if you cut them about three inches long. So, you must take other precautions too.

Here is where tick control plays a role: ticks multiply and might lay up to 15,000 eggs before dying. If you don’t treat them, they might live for several years (and even get indoors).

And we’ve got bad news: there isn’t a single United State region free from the threat of ticks and tick-transmitted diseases. But how can you keep ticks from attacking your garden? Jump to the next section to learn all of our tips for a tick-free lawn!

How to Keep Ticks Off Your Garden

You can take steps to protect your lawn from attacks. To begin with, you must keep your turf free from weeds, tall grass, and debris. Also, don’t forget to take care of small rodents (if you have them running around your garden) as they are tick carriers.

You can do that by removing piles of stones, branches, or leaves that might be hanging around your garden (and that rodents like to use as their nests). Move bird feeders away from your property and keep your garbage in containers with tight lids.

Depending on where you live, you might have to take measures to keep deer at bay. Consider getting tall fences or electric devices to keep them from getting to your property.

If you know you have ticks, use a high-quality tick control treatment and water your lawn regularly without leaving it soggy.

Ensure the soil gets adequate airflow: if you have kids’ play areas, place them in sunny spots. Also, if you have trees around your yard, consider trimming them to allow more sunlight to hit your turf.

If you have bushes or shrubs, don’t forget to prune their bottom branches to prevent their foliage from touching the ground.

Also, spray repellents on your lawn to prevent ticks from settling on it. Choose products suitable to your yard’s conditions. Apply something to target larvae and nymphs in late spring and early summer and target adults in late summer through fall.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the instructions you find on the product. Be careful if you have pets or kids running around your garden: take the necessary precaution to avoid damaging them!

Nowadays, there is a vast selection of products you can choose to treat your garden. Depending on your preferences (and needs), you may want to use granular or liquid products.

Some products will protect your garden for up to three months and kill ticks above and below your turf. Alternatively, there are liquid “killer” treatments, which work best for small areas, and tick spot treatments. Go to your favorite gardening store and ask for help to pick the right product for your garden!

Do Ticks Live In Mowed Grass?: The Bottom Line

As you can see, having ticks on your garden isn’t so uncommon. And the bad thing is that mowing your yard won’t eliminate the problem.

Ensure you take adequate measures as soon as you suspect you have them on your turf to prevent them from spreading!

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