Do Mums Grow In Florida? [Sure! Here’s Which Varieties]

The USDA zone map for the hardiness of plants shows the state of Florida ranges from zone 8a to 11b. So, you can grow mums (Chrysanthemums) everywhere in Florida, but with varying degrees of success. Above all, extreme heat can delay flowering or cause deformation of the plant’s crown.

Where do mums grow in Florida? The best areas to grow mums in Florida are cities in USDA zones 8a-8b, such as Century, Crestview, Milton, and Tallahassee. To repeat, mums will grow everywhere in Florida. But in warmer zones, your garden flowers might experience growing problems like long and lanky stems, slow growth, and wilted leaves.

How Well Do Mums Grow In Florida?

Do Mums Grow In Florida?

Potted mums grow well in Florida. But during summertime, their roots are exposed on the side to very hot temperatures. So, they are susceptible to drying out and root damage. Heat stress can stunt root growth, preventing the plant from getting its nutrients and water uptake.

When you plant chrysanthemums in the ground, they love it. These perennials grow well in the heat. In zones 8a and 8b, they can enjoy full sun, clumping almost everywhere in your garden. But the further you live in southern Florida, the more shade they will need to thrive.

On a side note, if you want to grow chrysanthemums from seeds, the best time to sow your garden is from September to early October. You can collect new seeds after the mums’ flowers dry out. To get them, crush the dried flowers in your hands over a container. Later, remove the dried petals to save the seeds at the bottom.

Dappled sunlight and partial shade usually work well up to zone 10b. But in zones 11a and 11b, full shade is necessary during the summer. Of course, ventilation and soil moisture will also dictate how well the mums survive the heat waves.

Heat Tolerance And Flowering-heat-delay

Do Mums Grow In Florida?

Mums bloom at different times. Depending on the garden center, you can find early bloom varieties, mid-bloom varieties, and late bloom varieties. So, you can have an early red and a late red growing in the same spot and experience varying results.

Of course, mums like the hot weather as long as they have lots of consistent water and food. Not only do mums grow in Florida if you give these heavy feeders water and fertilizer, but you also need to make sure the temperatures do not exceed 85F during their blooming period.

Both garden mums and florist mums may experience heat delay. That is, when high temperatures cause delayed flowering. In Florida, temperatures exceed 85F from May to August. So, early bloom varieties need extra protection during these months.

Late fall bloomers only start flowering in late summer or October. So, they are the best option for people living in central and southern Florida. For clarity, extreme heat can still cause poor branching and leggy stems, so taking precautions is highly recommendable.

Late-blooming mum varieties include:

  • Bronze Elegans
  • Emperor of China
  • J.C. Weigelan
  • Mei-Kyo
  • Penelope Pease
  • Sheffield Pink
  • Sweet Peg
  • Venus
  • Weyrichii

7 Tips For Growing Chrysanthemums In Florida

Do Mums Grow In Florida?

  1. Cut your mums back to 3-4 inches tall out of the pot from the soil and put them against your house during wintertime if you live in northern Florida. The residual heat from the building will protect the roots until the last frost date.
  2. Keep your potted chrysanthemums indoors to protect them from heatwaves. Then, take them out in late October to acclimate. They usually bloom in late spring by doing so.
  3. Prune the dried/drying leaves and stems to keep your mum plants clean and prevent water loss.
  4. Set up your irrigation system on a timer. In this way, you will not have to worry about hand watering your mums during the warm seasons.
  5. Tie your mums as they grow. Otherwise, they will send their stems sprawling in every direction, increasing the risk of attracting pyrethrin-resistant aphids—mums make their own pesticide. Yet some aphids seem to be immune to it.
  6. Use a liquid fertilizer, especially during summer. In brief, a fertigation system is an ideal solution to keep your mums and your other plants happy and avoid heat stress.
  7. Use light-colored planters and reflective ceramic vases to stop sunlight from heating your pots. Besides, choosing products that complete your garden aesthetics and blend well in the surroundings will add a stylish touch to your garden.