Do Morel Mushrooms Grow In Florida? A Guide to Edible Mushrooms in FL

Morel mushrooms are edible (and expensive) plants that grow in the wild in the East and Midwest. But they are not easy to spot: if you are lucky, you can find them around sycamores, elms, or ash trees. These mushrooms prefer low temperatures and are a rare sight, making them hot commodities among chefs and mushroom enthusiasts. They have a nutty flavor and a meaty texture, making them precious in the kitchen. Because they can’t grow on farms, they are rare and expensive.

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But do Morel Mushrooms grow in Florida? Unfortunately not. The temperatures in this region are too warm for these types of mushroom to thrive

Do Morel Mushrooms Grow In Florida

However, if you saw them in the wild, you will for sure have no doubts about recognizing them! Their exterior resembles a honeycomb, while their interior is white and hollow. They can come in various shapes, from oblong to bulbous. The color is usually creamy white or gray.

Be aware of mushrooms that look similar, which are deadly and highly toxic. False morels are reddish or yellow. Plus, if you find mushrooms that resemble this rarity but that are not hollow on the inside, stay away from them: they are poisonous look-alikes.

Do Morel Mushrooms Grow In Florida?

But do Morel Mushrooms grow in Florida? Unfortunately not. The temperatures in this region are too warm for these types of mushroom to thrive. Instead, you will most likely find them in the Northern state’s forests. To learn about the types of edible mushrooms you will find in Florida, keep reading this essential guide we put together for you. The good news is that even if you can’t find morels in Florida, there are more than 250 species that grow in the wild forests of this region!

King Bolete

Do Morel Mushrooms Grow In Florida

The bolete is a delicious edible mushroom, which also takes the name of Penny Bun or “porcini” mushroom. You will find it in hardwood forests under spruce trees. Look at the under cap: it resembles a sponge you might have found a bolete! Also, the flesh must be dense and without gills. The underside is porous, and the stum has a net-shape pattern. Bolete’s colors range from white to light brown.


Do Morel Mushrooms Grow In Florida

Chanterelles are the easiest edible mushrooms to identify: they have a unique cap resembling a funnel and produce an attractive fruity scent. Look for them in damp areas, especially under trees with moss around them. Plus, chanterelles’ colors are bright and easy to spot in a forest. The cap is yellow-white but might get paler if the mushroom receives plenty of sunlight during the day. Cook chanterelles with some butter to enjoy their delicious flavors!

Chicken of the Woods

Chicken of the woods is dense and thick mushrooms with a meaty taste. You can easily spot it because of its unique features. These mushrooms grow on dead hardwood forest trees and form overlapping shelves. Look for a smooth or wrinkled cap with several layers. The underside should be pink, orange, or white-yellow, without gills. Look for chicken of the woods from August to early winter.

Indigo Milk Caps

These mushrooms look like they come from a Disney movie: they are blue and difficult to mistake for anything else. If you are new to mushroom hunting, look for these to avoid issues!

Indigo Milk Caps grow in oak or pine tree forests either in clusters or alone. You can also find them in floodplains. When cutting on its flesh, it bleeds a deep blue “milk.” Also, these mushrooms become darker blue before turning green if you expose them for long to the air. Look for them between August and November. Indigo Milk Caps are a fun ingredient to add to your meals. It can dye your food, making your meals more appealing, especially for kids.

Common Puffball

The common puffball is another wild mushroom you can find in Florida. Look for them on the ground in woodlands and grasslands: they usually come in rings of three to ten mushrooms. Their flesh is white and dense. They don’t present an underside, so you don’t have to look for gills or spores. However, these mushrooms closely resemble the poisonous death cap mushroom. Cut them vertically to make sure you pick the edible species: it shouldn’t have a mushroom imprint.

Do Morel Mushrooms Grow In Florida?: The Bottom Line

Even if morels don’t usually grow in Florida, you can find plenty of wild mushrooms to cook delicious dishes at home. However, make sure you pay close attention to what you pick. When you are unsure, leave your mushrooms on the ground. If you are a beginner, go for the easy-to-spot varieties to ensure you are not making any mistakes.

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