Do Kiwis Grow on Trees? the Truth About This Yummy Fruit

Most of us are familiar with kiwi fruit. It is often found in the grocery store, but many people have no clue how they are grown. But do kiwis grow on trees or a bush? Today, we are going to learn how kiwis grow and how most people can grow them in their gardens.

Quick Answer

Kiwis grow on large woody vines that spread for many feet.

Do Kiwis Grow on Trees?

do kiwis grow on trees

Some people assume that kiwis grow on trees. But that can’t be farther than the truth. Kiwis actually grow on large woody vines that spread for many feet. Kiwis are in the berry family and are known in China as Chinese gooseberries.

If you live in the right hardiness zone, you too can grow them in your garden. Below you will learn more about growing kiwis and what it takes for them to thrive.

Can You Grow Kiwis at Home?

do kiwis grow on trees

If you live in hardiness zones 8-9, you can easily grow certain types of kiwis on your property. The type of kiwi that does best in warmer climates is the fuzzy kiwi, with which we are most familiar.

However, if you live in hardiness zones with colder winters you can easily grow the arctic kiwi vine. Arctic kiwi can handle periods of cold, making it a great choice for northern climates.

With over 50 varieties of kiwis to choose from, finding one that will do well for you won’t be difficult. So, if you want to grow kiwis on your property, do your homework and find one that is compatible with your local hardiness zone.

You Need A Male and Female Vine

do kiwis grow on trees

When deciding to plant kiwi on your property, keep in mind that you will need both a male vine and a female vine. Kiwis are not self-pollinating, and you will need both vines in the same area of the garden to produce flowers and fruit.

Selecting The Perfect Location

When choosing a good location for growing kiwis, keep two things in mind. Kiwis grow best in sunny locations that are sheltered from the wind. High winds can damage young kiwi vines, and they need time to develop into strong, mature vines.

Soil Type

Soil type is also important when choosing a location for your new vines. Kiwi vines thrive in well-drained soils that are rich in organic matter. Areas of the property that stay wet should be avoided because kiwis are highly susceptible to root rot.

A Sturdy Structure Is Key

If you’re going to be growing kiwi vines in your garden, you will need a sturdy structure for them to grow on. Kiwi vines are heavy, and some can grow up to forty feet tall.

A wooden trellis or pergola that is tall enough to handle the size of this fast-growing vine, is highly recommended.

How Much Water Does A Kiwi Vine Require

As mentioned above, kiwi vines won’t do well if the ground is too moist. But these plants do need water to grow.

During the summer months, you should water your vines at least 4 times a week. This will give them enough water to develop fruit, and your vines will look their best when they are properly hydrated.

Do Kiwis Require Fertilizer?

Kiwis do need fertilizer to grow to their fullest potential. However, you should never fertilize kiwi vines in the first year after planting. Doing so may harm the delicate vines, and you may end up having to replant them.

After the second year of their life, kiwi vines will need to be fertilized once during March. This will give them a boost before the growing season. During the summer growing season, you will need to fertilize the vines two more times, depending on the condition of the plant.

Harvesting The Fruit of Your Labor

You have cared for your kiwi vines all summer long, and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Kiwis are normally harvested in the fall like many other garden plants.

Avoid harvesting all of your kiwis at once, and don’t rely solely on the appearance of the fruit. Pick a few kiwis and taste them to see if they are ripe. If the fruit is not ready yet, give it a few days and try again.

Do kiwis grow on trees: Conclusion

Now that you know that kiwis grow on vines and not trees, why not plant some in your garden this growing season.

You will have loads of kiwi to eat and plenty left over for family, friends or even your bearded dragon!

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