Do Deer Eat Spirea?

Living away from all the noise in the city comes with both pros and cons. One of the cons has to be having animals come and graze on your amazing plants and flowers. If you want to stay peacefully with these animals, you need to figure out what sorts of plants the animals will not eat or graze on. That way, your yard stays looking amazing, and you still get to enjoy nature around you. Many people ask, do deer eat spirea? Read on to find out.

What is spirea?

Do deer eat spirea?

Spirea is a genus of one of the groups specified in the Rose plant family and is known to need less care and grows up well in the temperate region. It sprouts clusters of flowers and looks like a shrub. Many people plant it because of its delicate leaves and how the flowers make the garden look so colorful. The other reason people plant spirea is that deer do not eat it, which is a huge plus if you are in a place with a lot of deer.

Is spirea entirely deer resistant?

One thing you will realize with spirea is they are not entirely deer resistant when there is hunger. Even deer will eat almost anything. The one thing you will be looking at is how severely damaged spirea will get when deer graze on them. According to the reports shown, there is less likelihood of the spirea getting damaged when a deer grazes on it. That way, it becomes a better deer-resistant plant than the plants most people would have in their garden.

Why is spirea deer resistant

Do deer eat spirea?

While deer will eat almost anything, one of the things they would not touch would have to be planted with thorns or spiky leaves. Spirea has some toothed margins on their leaves. While these are not necessarily thorny, in a way, they have some roughness to them that deer cannot eat.

For the better part, deer prefer not eating spirea because of this rugged feature. There is also some salicylic acid in the leaves, and that taste can be off-putting for most animals that graze. While this might not be a feature that deer like when it comes down to looking for food, deer will most likely avoid eating pier if they have no other options

What happens when deer eat spirea?

The great thing about spirea is it is a hardy plant. As such, you can be sure that even after deer have eaten spirea, it will be able to grow back. Compared to other plants that deer like, spirea does well after being eaten, making it a great addition to your garden.

The greatest joy of having a garden is knowing that you will still have it standing and looking great no matter what happens. That is what you can expect from spirea. Aside from being resistant to deer, you can be sure that it will stay standing. Having it in your garden ensures that everything looks put together no matter how many deer graze in your garden.

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