Do Deer Eat Morning Glories?

Morning Glories are flowering vines that you might want to add to your garden if you like vibrant colors and pleasing scents. Plus, they are relatively easy to grow, which is a characteristic you should not overlook.

If you don’t have much time to take care of your garden, you can still enjoy a stunning and colorful yard without headaches. But what if your area is one where deers like to hang around? Will your beautiful vines survive? Do deer eat morning glories? To learn what you should know about it, keep reading.

Are Morning Glories Deer-Resistant?

Do Deer Eat Morning Glories?

Morning glories are not only one of most gardeners’ favorite species. Despite being toxic to most animals, deers will dine on the plant’s tender leaves, vines, and even flowers. While severe damage to morning glories is uncommon, if these animals’ population in your area is high and food sources are scarce, they will for sure banquet on your morning glories. The good news is that you can make your plants less attractive to deers by taking some considerations into account when planting them.

How to stop deers eating morning glories

Do Deer Eat Morning Glories?

Deers like to feed on tender plants. If they have the option, they will avoid woody stems. To allow your plants to mature quickly, consider starting them indoors and bring them outside when big. Also, think about planting your morning glories next to species that act as natural repellents. You can try with daylilies, coneflowers, or yarrows. You can also add plants with pungent smells to keep deers away. Dwarf morning glory is a popular choice.

Alternatively, you can try spraying your plants with a mixture of eggs and water. The smell seems effective at repelling deers, so much so that most commercial repellents contain whole egg solid or ammonium soaps.

If you live in areas where wild animals can threaten your garden, you can also consider getting a guard dog (if you don’t already own one). Dogs mark their territory with urine, which can repel most animals from getting in your garden.

Besides these measures, one of the most effective is to install fences to protect your property from deer visits. Install protection between six to eight feet in height: deers can jump high! Use wire instead of wood to prevent them from taking your fence down. Of course, you can electrify it for further protection.

The Bottom Line

Getting your hard work and patience ruined by a couple of deers overnight can be discouraging. If you live near woods, deers and other wild animals might threaten your garden. While morning glories are not their favorite food, deers will not hesitate to attack your garden to eat your plants without other alternatives.

However, if you use precautions and take the time to install an appropriate fence, you will for sure provide a barrier that deers will unlikely pass. If you decide to electrify your fence, avoid using high voltage: the electric flow should not be dangerous but only give a slight shock. Alternatively, look for a repellent or plant your morning glories next to plants with strong odors.

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