Do Deer Eat Kale? [Yes, But it’s Not a Staple]

So, can deer eat kale? If you love vegetables, kale is something you might want to consider growing. But you need to factor out deer.

Kale is one of the most popular veggies which belongs to the family Brassica just like cabbages, broccoli, and sprouts. The vegetable can be grown in containers, open gardens, or raised beds.

Kale is best known for its nutritional benefits. It is an excellent dish that can perfectly pair with other dishes. But some people grow Kale as an ornament. Thanks to the beautiful shades it offers.

When planting Kale, invaders are the primary concern. While plenty of pests can attack your vegetables, deer are no exception. But do these animals eat kale?

Yes, they do. But not as a reliable food. Deer are nothing than pests and can cause damage to your kale garden. So, it is a good idea to stop them from eating your veggies.

Ways to repel deer from eating your kale plants

Do Deer Eat Kale

Keep deer away and look forward to a massive harvest using the following techniques.

1. Repellents

Bad smells and tastes are a perfect way to prevent deer from invading your garden. Some are DIY, but they don’t work effectively after using them. You can opt for quality commercial options, which are proven to provide maximum protection. But you have to apply them regularly, at least once every week. It is also wise to alternate the repellents to prevent deer from acquainting themselves with the smell.

2. Fencing

Do Deer Eat Kale

Fencing is so far the most reliable technique of keeping deer away from your garden. If you choose to fence, make sure it is about 10-12 feet tall. To ensure maximum protection, add a double fence measuring about 6-7 feet tall.

Many people prefer a wire fence because it enhances the landscape’s appearance. If you belong to this category, ensure the fence touches the ground to prevent entrance underneath.

Others prefer electric fences. But, this requires some laws before you use them.

If a wire fence is not your choice, consider plastic fencing. It can also work pretty well, but ensure you go for the heavier ones.

3. No deer deterrents

Motion deterrents can also work pretty well. But if you choose deterrents that turn on the light, that is far better. Or, opt for those that emit sounds. Those are just threats that can surely keep away deer out of your garden. Even better, mix up your scare techniques to keep them unsettled.

4. Use deer-resistant garden plants

Another line of defense against deer attack is using deer-resistant garden plants. Among the list, you should consider those containing toxic compounds. Monkshood and poppies are examples of resistant garden plants that deer will never tolerate.

Do Deer Eat Kale: The Final Thought

Deer eat almost everything. From grass to fruits, the list is plenty. But do they eat kale? Yes, if they are hungry enough. But these plants aren’t their favorites. So, it is always a good idea to prevent them from eating kale in your garden using the above practical techniques.

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