Do Deer Eat Clematis Vines and Flowers?

There is no denying that every gardener dreams of having a colorful garden with gorgeous flowers. But when deer trespass the area and start eating your plants and flowers, it can be frustrating. And, it may seem like all your efforts have vanished into thin air.  The good news is that deer-resistant plants can save your garden to some extent. However, do deer eat clematis?

Plants being destroyed by deer is one of the biggest problems that many gardeners face. While deer are harmless animals, they kill plants and eat flowers when looking for food. Let’s find out if they eat clematis.

What is so special about deer-resistant flowers and plants?

Do Deer Eat Clematis

Deer love to live in the wilderness. But when food is scarce, they find their way into people’s yards or gardens and start eating whatever they can find. Previously, there was no shortage of food in the forest. But things have changed drastically in recent years.

These animals tend to extend their search for food to nearby human settlements. Deer-resistant flowers and plants are different types of plants that will make the deer repulsive about eating them. But if deer don’t find anything around to eat, they might also eat those plants.

Besides, deer-resistant plants increase the charm and beauty of your garden. The flowers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. And fills the garden with delight and fragrance. There are lots of deer-resistant plants and flowers for you to choose from. And, these help deter deer from your garden.

Do Deer Eat Clematis, or is it a deer-resistant plant?

Do Deer Eat Clematis

Clematis is a beautiful, delicate flower seen in white and purple colors. Moreover, clematises are flowering shrubs or vines that grow in any US Department of Agriculture hardiness zone. Clematis can grow as a vine that climbs fences and trellises. 

Furthermore, they have five different types that are easy to grow in the western and eastern regions. Clematis demotivates a deer from visiting your garden. The best part about clematis is that they don’t need extra care and nurture in the process.

The flowers don’t have an issue while growing and don’t even have pest issues. Hence, clematis is a deer-resistant plant that’s not prone to insect infestation. The flowers grow pretty large, and deers may target the bud when they bloom.

In short, clematis is very effective when it comes to keeping deer away from your garden. Keep in mind that clematis needs protection from deer at a young age to grow healthy.

How do you plant and take care of clematis the right way?

Do Deer Eat Clematis

During early summer or spring, dig a hole one foot wide and one-foot depth in your garden. Next, mix the soil with compost and ensure that the soil retains a rich texture. Typically, it should leave you with dark-colored soil. Using this enriched soil, create a mound inside the hole.

And put the plant above the mound. As such, it will help the roots trail over the mixture. Cover the roots and hole with the remaining soil while keeping the crown of the plant around two inches underneath the ground. Regularly water the plant every day for the first season. After that, you need to water them in extreme drought or dryness.

Lastly, install a fence or trellis behind the plant so that it gets the proper support. That way, it will grow nicely and become fit for climbing. To keep clematis healthy and blooming, prune as much as you need after blooming has finished in late March every year.

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