Can You Plant Trees in Potting Soil?

If you want to plant trees, then you know that you need to get them planted in the right place. The one question that has been raised several times is, can one plant a tree in potting soil? The answer to this is yes and no. If you are stuck on how this works, read on to find out.

What is potting soil?

Before figuring out whether potting soil is good for your trees, you first need to figure out exactly what potting soil contains. By doing so, you get to know whether it is the perfect combination for your trees. Potting soil is a soil mix for plants that are grown in containers. It comes with many components, and all these will vary based on the place you buy your soil from.

For the better part, potting soil is meant to be light and have enough fertilizer in it, so the plants growing will mature faster. Now that you know what potting soil is, the next thing you need to figure out is whether you can plant your trees in it.

Can you plant your trees in potting soil?

Can you plant trees in potting soil?

The question of the quality of soil you can use to plant your trees has been raised for a long while. Some trees can grow in potting soil, while some might not grow in it. To get a clear answer, you need to look at the characteristic of the trees you are planning. Here are some of the things you need to consider when looking at potting soil and growing trees.

The roots of the tree

Potting soil is very light and, as such, cannot be used in a normal garden. You have to put it in a container. When it comes to planting your trees, you need to consider how deep the roots will grow. If the roots you have are very extensive, you might want to consider putting them in a bigger pot or planting it in the garden. If you got your plant in a container with an extensive root system, ensure you plant it in the ground as soon as you get home. That way, you give it a better chance of survival.

Height of the tree

The other thing you need to keep in mind is how tall the tree will grow during maturity. Most trees grow so tall, which means you will have to repot them a couple of times. It makes sense to just plant the tree in a garden and forget about it. Putting it in a pot makes it impossible for you to get a container that is big and strong enough for the tree to grow. The only way potting soil and containers would work is if the trees you are planting are quite small and stay small even after maturity.

The amount of fertilizer used.

While most plants need fertilizer to grow, the same cannot be said about trees. For the better part, trees need little to no fertilizer to grow fully. If you want your tree to mature well, you will have to limit the fertilizer in your potting. That means talking to the store you buy your potting soil from and ensuring that they do not add any fertilizer to your soil. That way, the trees planted in it will not wither and die.

What to do with trees grown in containers

Can you plant trees in potting soil?

If you get your trees from a nursery, they will come in a container and will be planted in potting soil. To ensure that they stay for longer, you need to plant them in garden soil. To do that, make a hole that is three times bigger than the container of your plant. That way, the tree will not have roots above ground.

Remove your tree from the container and plant it in the ground without shaking off any potting soil. The tree will keep growing in the ground and will reach full maturity.

Can you plant trees in potting soil?: Conclusion

The right soil will ensure that your tree grows to its full potential. For this reason, you must ensure you plant it in the right soil. While potting soil might work for smaller trees and seedlings, you might want to consider getting the tree on actual grounds it can grow better.