Can You Plant Tomatoes In A Kiddie Pool: All you Must Know

If you are looking for alternative ways to spice up your garden, consider using a kiddie pool to create an informal garden planter. It is an inexpensive and relatively easy-to-make solution, perfect if you need to repurpose your kid’s plastic pool. Believe it or not, a kiddie pool works well with anything with shallow roots: from herbs to vegetables. Provided that you take proper care of them, you can even successfully plant some species of annual flowers.

Quick Answer:

yes, you can grow tomatoes in a kiddie pool, but you’ll need to be careful with their moisture content

To get the best results, you must use a rigid kiddie pool. But beware: once you fill it with wet soil and add plants to it, you won’t be able to move it. Make sure you select an appropriate location before you add soil to it. Also, don’t forget that your pool will be heavy: unless you don’t mind killing the grass below it, you shouldn’t locate it on your lawn.

Plants Love the Kiddie Pool

We mentioned that kiddie pools work great for planting various veggies and herbs, but what about tomatoes? Can you plant tomatoes in a kiddie pool? And what can you do to make the most out of your veggies when using this structure? If you are curious to learn more about using a kiddie pool in your garden to grow vegetables and plant, read on.

Here, we included everything you must know about growing tomatoes in a kiddie pool. Don’t forget that these settings tend to have special needs: the soil tends to be hotter and dryer, meaning you’ll need to pay close attention to it, and more if growing vegetables. Jump to the following section to learn whether you can grow tomatoes in a kiddie pool or not.

Can You Plant Tomatoes in a Kiddie Pool?

Can You Plant Tomatoes In A Kiddie Pool

Let’s go straight to the core of the question: yes, you can grow tomatoes in a kiddie pool, but you’ll need to be careful with their moisture content if you want to get harvests from your plant. Luckily, tomatoes have shallow roots, meaning they won’t have problems growing in the constraints of a plastic pool. So, you won’t have to worry about that. But you’ll need to follow a consistent watering schedule (and put our tips to practice).

If you live in a hot region, you’ll need to water your tomatoes more often. Don’t forget to add drainage holes to your kiddie pool to avoid leaving the soil soggy for too long. To do that, cut a couple of 1-inch holes at the bottom of the structure. To increase drainage, drill holes at the side of the pool. Set it on bricks to allow the water to flow freely to get the most out of the elevated structure a kiddie pool offers. Keep in mind that wet soil is heavy and will crack the bottom of the pool if you don’t provide it with adequate support. Skip to the following section to learn how to take care of your tomatoes in a kiddie pool!

Growing Tomatoes in A Kiddie Pool: Our Tips

Can You Plant Tomatoes In A Kiddie Pool

Tomatoes need plenty of sunshine to grow. Place your kiddie pool under full sun and avoid selecting a location where trees might block out the sunlight. That also means you’ll need to water the soil daily to keep it moist.

Of course, your local climate will play a crucial role in determining the schedule. But to be sure, feel the soil with your fingers: if it’s dry, add extra moisture to prevent your tomatoes from wilting in the heat. But if it is not, wait for a couple of days more: most plants hate soggy soils! Don’t forget that overwatering can cause root rot and eventually kill your plants.

If your garden’s soil is heavy, mix it with peat moss or sand to improve drainage and texture. Fill your pool with the mixture and consider adding a slow-release fertilizer to provide your tomatoes with the nutrients these plants need to thrive. Avoid overdoing it and always follow the instructions on the product’s label to learn about the quantities.

We recommend planting tomatoes seedlings rather than seeds because these veggies grow slowly. Also, don’t make the mistake many people make of planting your tomatoes too deep. Doing so might cause issues with their development. Don’t forget that tomatoes can grow large: space the plants adequately to give them proper space to grow. For smaller pools, you might only be able to add one tomato plant.

Can You Plant Tomatoes In A Kiddie Pool: Final thoughts

Don’t forget to keep the soil moist, especially if you live in a hot and dry region. With that said, follow our recommendations and grow tomatoes in a kiddie pool! The results will surprise you!

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