Butterfly Bush Arizona: Growth and Care Guide

If you are an avid gardener in Arizona, you may have been looking for a new plant to add to your collection. A butterfly bush will be sure to please as it is easy to grow and attracts a wide variety of butterflies with its beautiful blooms. This article will give you the information you need to grow and care for the Butterfly Bush in Arizona.

Butterfly bush Arizona

Butterfly bush arizona


You should ensure the soil has a pH of around 6.5 to 7.5 and is rich in organic matter. This plant is somewhat acid tolerant like most plants native to the US. You should also add some phosphorus since the soil does not contain enough for the plant’s needs.

Several other plants can grow in these conditions, but they need at least an inch of organic matter per plant, so if you do not have a garden planter with enough room, it is better to choose a different plant.


Butterfly bushes need full sun exposure and will do well in an area that is warm and sunny during the day. They can thrive in a partially shaded area, but you should ensure that they receive approximately five hours of sunlight or more per day.

You should consider using a shade cloth if you live in a hot area that’s very hot. It’s also worth noting that when the plants are young, they need protection from strong winds, so they do not blow over. Once your butterfly bush is mature, they are better able to withstand harsh weather without being harmed.


The butterfly bush needs a lot of water to thrive and grow properly. You should water it every day, but make sure the plant does not get overwatered.

The soil should be moist and you shouldn’t let the topsoil dry out. If it does dry out, the leaves will start to curl up, and this is a clear sign that too much water has been provided. 

Soil Fertility

The butterfly bush does not need to have a lot of phosphorus in its system, but it does require this nutrient for the plant to grow properly. It can do well with a one-half teaspoon per foot, but you can add more fertilizer if you want larger plants.

You should also increase the amount of nitrogen in the soil, but do not overdo it. Too much nitrogen can make the roots unhealthy and cause an unpleasant smell.

Butterfly bush arizona


The butterfly bush will do well with hostas or pansies.  

Watch Out For

The Butterfly bush can be susceptible to powdery mildew when first bought and planted into the ground because they are part of the same family affected by this disease. The best way to deal with it is to use an organic fungicide since many only last for a couple of days but have a long-term effect on the plant.

Size and Growth

Butterfly bush arizona

The Butterfly Bush Arizona will get between 4-6 feet high and spread out to around 3-5 feet wide. They provide an intriguing way to liven up your garden and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

If necessary, you can prune them, but they can grow very fast in the spring season, so make sure you prune them in the fall season. Cut off dead branches and any branches that hang down so that they do not block walkways.

Bird Feeders

You can make a butterfly bush more attractive to other garden dwellers by adding bird feeders. The seed heads that grow each year will be an excellent food source for the birds and the butterflies. If there are plants nearby, you may even have hummingbirds show up to see if there is any nectar for them.


The seeds can be dried and planted in the spring when they are ripe so that over time they will produce more butterfly bushes in your garden.

Butterfly bush Arizona: Final thoughts

To plant this beautiful bush, you need to purchase a mature plant. Ensure you plant in an area with enough room to grow. You should also dig up the ground around the sapling so it can receive as much sunlight as possible.

After you have planted your butterfly bush plant, you should monitor for pests and diseases and apply appropriate fungicides and pesticides for increased yields.

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