Bugs That Love Moisture

You rely on hydration for survival, and every living organism, no matter how small or big, needs moisture. Unfortunately, bugs make up most of this list. And they are just as highly motivated to find moisture as to get food.

Most bug infestations result from excess moisture within your property or house. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to overlook moisture. In the long run, just like food sources, they will breed and bring bugs. Just for familiarity, here are seven common bugs that love moisture. Read on to understand their physical state and even the dangers they pose.

Bugs That Love Moisture: Silverfish

Bugs That Love Moisture

You have probably seen gray and silver-looking little creatures, maybe in your bedroom or a kitchen sink that’s been left unattended for weeks. These are the silverfish, and you will easily identify them by their color, the two bristletails, and the long antenna. Also, they have a swimming kind of motion.

If you miss them in the bathroom, you will likely find them in the basement. They are naughty when it comes to controlling them. Once they breed and exhaust their food substrates, they will start moving around the house.

The drain fly

Bugs That Love Moisture

Like the silverfish, drain flies, too, are accustomed to the sink regions or the bathroom. Their larvae normally feed on food particles that remain on the walls of the pipes. Upon maturity, they will evict the pipe.

Drain flies can be identified as dark, small flies with extended antennas. Despite being annoying just by their presence, they are not dangerous pests. Besides, you can get rid of them by clearing your pipes and fixing any leakages, except if they are breeding in the compost.


Bugs That Love Moisture

You have probably seen cockroaches, but one spoiler about them is that they are easy to come by and hard to get rid of. Again, they are harbingers of perilous diseases. If you leave your place dark for a long time with leaking water or just moisture from foodstuffs, then you will be making a perfect cockroach breeding recipe. You can get them in your bathroom or food drawers, but they are not easy to spot during the day. A pest control specialist can only address cockroach infestations.

Bugs That Love Moisture: Mosquitoes

This moisture-loving bugs’ list wouldn’t be complete without talking about the bloodsuckers. They are a nuisance and do not only love moisture but use it as their breeding grounds. Breeding can happen in even an inch-deep pool of water. To outdo them, ensure there is no stagnant water on your property. Also, spraying them has been proven to be efficacious, but you will need to enlist the help of a pest specialist for that.


Statistically, springtails are not insects, but they are hexapods closely similar to crustaceans. Springtails love the basement, bathroom, and kitchen areas. And others may even hover around the soil used for indoor plants.

Springtails are small, about an eighth of an inch long. They don’t fly, but their forked structure lets them jump a few inches. However, springtails are not dangerous, but just nuisance bugs.  It’s easy to get rid of springtails.


Bugs That Love Moisture

Earwigs, just like silverfish, can’t survive in dry conditions. They constantly feed on damp mulch and leaves. You might want to consider checking your baseboards, sinks and drains for this bug.

On the lawn, you will find them under stones, decaying plants, milch, and piles of wet leaves. You have to carefully dispose of the vegetation in waste bags and maintain dry conditions inside your house.

Moisture ants

Do not confuse this dark brown, infesting ant species with carpenter hands. Don’t get me wrong, either. While they may be attracted to moisture, they will still eat wood. And by digesting the cellulose of your wood, they start to form a colony in the chewed-up wood. Winged ants often mark their emergence.

Do not leave the wood or furniture near your kitchen sink or bathroom areas in wet conditions. If they are attacking from the outside, you have to seal any crack holes used as entry points to your house.

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Bugs That Love Moisture: Wrapping up

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. These are the bugs that are accustomed to dap conditions. Some mean serious business, doing you and your significant home damage. To reduce bug infestations, always ensure your home is dried out completely. Also, seal the windows with weather sealants and call a pest control expert whenever the situation seems to be slipping out of hand.