Bougainvillea Zone 8: The Essential Guide

In Mediterranean climates, Bougainvilleas thrive. If you have been to Spain, Greece, or Portugal, you might have seen these bright flowering plants growing lush and adding a splash of color to buildings and dry areas. You may love it or hate it: regardless, this plant is a perfect addition to most landscapes.

You can find bougainvillea plants in several colors, sizes, and shapes. In warm regions, this plant will delight with blooms all year round. But how can you take care of this plant in zone 8? Keep reading this “Bougainvillea Zone 8” Essential guide we put together to find out.

Bougainvillea Zone 8

Bougainvillea Zone 8

The good news is that this showy and stunning plant thrives in warm weather. With adequate care and location selection, you shouldn’t have problems growing this plant in your garden. Because zone 8 doesn’t often experience temperatures below 10F, you won’t have to worry too much about winter damage.

However, Bougainvilleas are best suited to USDA hardiness zones between 9 to 11. So, you might have to take some measures to keep your plant alive during the wintertime. But that shouldn’t stop you from planting them in zone 8. Indeed, with the proper protection, this plant will thrive in zone 8.


Bougainvillea is a vibrant climbing vine that grows up trellises or other supports. These tropical-looking plants can brighten any corners of your garden and add texture and volume to your property. Despite what you may be thinking, bougainvilleas are hardy plants: they don’t mind droughts and prefer full direct sun. Plus, under optimal conditions, they grow fast and show color all year round. They work as perfect ground covers or climbing plants.

You can even place them in containers to control their growth. Indeed, the plant can grow up to 40 feet high! If you don’t have the space for such a large plant in your garden, don’t worry: you can also find low-growing shrubs that won’t get higher than a few feet tall.

These plants, native to Central and South America, are a common sight in Texas, Southern California, Florida, and Arizona. If temperatures drop below 20F, you might have to move your plant indoors. In such cases, having your plant in a container will be handy. However, established plants will tolerate light frosts.

Bougainvillea Zone 8: Caring Tips

Bougainvillea needs plenty of sunlight to thrive. Under the shade, this plant won’t produce many blooms and only displays vines and thorns. Ensure you locate it somewhere it can receive at least six hours of sun each day.

Add them to adequate soil: it must be loose and not too heavy. Plus, it should drain fast: these plants don’t like to say wet for long. Established bougainvilleas prefer to be dry. You can stop watering them except during periods of drought.

However, you will have to provide moisture to your plants during their first two years of life. Water your established plant every three to four weeks if you don’t get regular rains in your region. Too much water can cause your plant to rot and catch fungal diseases.

Don’t forget to prune your plants to encourage new growth. Eliminate old and unhealthy branches and trim the others to 20 feet or less. Prune after each bloom cycle for best results.

Also, don’t lose time fertilizing this plant: bougainvillea doesn’t need it. Instead, add a layer of compost in the spring to increase the nutrient content in the soil and boost flower production.

Support your plant for vertical growth for more aesthetic results. You can train bougainvilleas around the trellis, fences, or other structures. Use strong ties to allow them to grow up to walls: these plants don’t have tendrils to attach to surfaces on their own.

In zone 8, you may want to consider planting your Bougainvillea plant in a pot. Make sure the container has drainage holes and add a suitable potting mix. Also, it should be a couple of inches larger than the plant’s root ball to accommodate its growth. As soon as temperatures drop below 20F, move your plant inside to protect it from the cold. Bougainvilleas don’t like low temperatures. Decrease watering frequency in the winter and do not fertilize your plants.

Bougainvillea Zone 8: The Bottom Line

As you can see, you can grow bougainvilleas in zone 8. However, you may have to pay attention to the winter: to let your plant survive cold temperatures, make sure you adequately protect it.