Blue Flowers Florida

True blue blossoms are a natural rarity, and the mysteries to their color aren’t readily available. Even though individuals go to extremes to make them, many lack the blue-flowering types. Authentic pigment is not easy to find in plants; hence the hue is difficult to achieve. Other plant minerals and pigments, on the other hand, blend with light wavelengths to produce the colors you perceive. Some organically blue blooms emerge among the reds, purples, and violets. Here are some Blue Flowers in Florida!

A list of blue flowers that grow well in Florida

Cool blue tones can assist your yard in becoming a much more relaxing and peaceful environment. There are very few “true blue” flowering plants for one to discover, but we’ve located a handful that might be able to help.

Salvia guaranitica

It’s among the numerous blue salvias available. ‘Black and Blue,’ a cultivar with deep blue flowers and black calyces that blooms throughout late spring to early fall, is one of the best performers. The mature size and width of this salvia are 3-4 feet.


Blue flowers Florida

Plumbago is a low-maintenance shrub that produces exquisite light-blue blooms. Its unrivaled bunches of excellent white or blue flowers render it a standout among classic garden choices. It’s a low-maintenance shrub that adds variety to most Florida settings.

Plumbago also serves as a larval plant host for Cassius blue butterflies. These shrubs flower all year in Central and South Florida until frost kills them. Plumbago blooms from spring through October in North Florida. Freeze can easily damage Plumbago, though it recovers fast.


Blue Flowers Florida

Evolvulus, often known as Blue Daze, is a lovely groundcover with true-blue blooms, a novelty in the landscape. The sky-blue flowers contrast nicely with the silvery-green leaves. It blooms continuously, making it ideal for edging yard borders and beds, as well as spilling over the sides of container gardens.

Drought tolerance is one of the qualities that favors evolvulus, such a great pick for Florida gardening. Outside of natural rains, it rarely requires watering when established.

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Gold Dewdrop

Blue Flowers Florida

Its botanical name is Duranta erecta and the USDA Zone 9-11. Golden dewdrop is a tropical blooming shrub with yellow flowers. Throughout the summer, it blooms with lovely blue or white flowers. The plant can reach a height of 2-3 feet. It thrives in direct sunlight, although it can also thrive in moderate shade.

Golden dewdrop blooms intermittently all year round in tropical locations.


Blue Flowers Florida

This lovely blue-flowered plant forms a great creeping vine that you can find flowing along hillsides. Vinca creeper is another name for it. Periwinkle is a prolific spreader and forms an excellent ground cover. Commonly, people use Periwinkle to starve the weeds and thrive in partially shaded areas.

Blue Flag Iris

The blue flag iris is an excellent choice for growing near water. This Florida native may grow in stagnant water, but it can also thrive in standard garden soil if you water it regularly. This perennial with beautiful blue flowers tends to be 2-4 feet tall. The deep-green foliage is excellent at bringing blue to the garden during spring.


It is a chilly-season bedding flower with a true blue bloom. It is cultivated as a yearly plant in Florida, even though it is a perennial elsewhere. The plants produce lovely flower spikes starting in March, which look fabulous in the yard and hold up properly in cut flower arrangements.

Provide delphiniums with good drainage and normal to mildly acidic soil, then side-dress them with fertilizer at the time of planting, bloom set, and after flowering. Periodically deadhead spent buds to encourage more of the naturally blue blooms.


Blue flowers Florida

They are big shrubs with spectacular flowers in the summer. The famous lace cap and mophead cultivars generally yield blue blooms. However, not every hydrangea is blue; various blossom hues are available.

To generate the blue color, you must grow the plant in acidic soil. Because the soil in Central and North is slightly acidic, most French hydrangea blooms are purple or blue.

Blue flowers Florida: Take away.

Blue is difficult to discern at first look, but it is well worth the trouble in the yard. Blue-hued plants offer a calming, soothing impact and bring life to the scenery. You may bring this lovely color to a home with a few strategically placed “blue plants.”