Best Grass For Central Illinois

Everybody likes to see a lush lawn. After all, it is one of the first things people notice about your house. Even if maintaining its conditions might be a hassle sometimes, it is worth it. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you might feel not capable of getting a perfect lawn.

If you want to learn about the best grass seed for Central Illinois, keep reading this essential guide. Because of the harsh winters the region has to withstand, this area does better with cool-season grasses: let’s have a look at which ones you can successfully plant in your yard.

This article deals with CENTRAL Illinois, if you live in Chicagoland, check out our best grass seed for Chicago write up.

Best Grass For Central Illinois

Best Grass For Central Illinois

You may or may not know that not all grass is the same. The durability and health of your lawn also depend on sowing the appropriate type of grass. While some seeds do better in cold climates, others thrive in warmer conditions. To ensure your grass establishes effectively, you must choose the right one.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Best Grass For Central Illinois

The best grass seed for Central Illinois is undoubtedly Kentucky Bluegrass. This hardy grass has an attractive appearance and a superior recovery ability that make it a popular lawn all over the United States, despite being a cool-season lawn grass. With the right conditions, it is durable, dense, and lush. Kentucky bluegrass spreads fast, and the best part is that it has excellent winter hardiness.

These characteristics make Kentucky bluegrass the perfect perennial lawn grass for Illinois. Because it prefers full sun, make sure it gets it. If the sun doesn’t hit the entirety of your yard, consider mixing the seeds with other grass types that have better resistance to shade.

Of course, not everything can be perfect. One of the downsides of choosing this grass is the high level of maintenance it requires. For starters, you will have to invest in premium fertilizers. Plus, as you may expect, you will need to frequently water and mow your lawn. If you are trying to establish this grass from the seed, remember that it takes more time than other types. With Kentucky Bluegrass, you must have the patience of waiting up to three months. One thing is for sure: all of these efforts will be worthwhile in the end!

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue

If you know you will have neither the time nor patience to dedicate to your lawn, consider Tall Fescue instead. This cool-season turf does well in the warmer regions of Illinois, but it can adapt to various soils and temperatures. Indeed, this grass has superior resistance to drought, heat, and salt. It can easily handle soils low in nutrients, pests, and diseases. Plus, it doesn’t have strict light requirements. But you know what the best part is? Tall Fescue is low maintenance, especially when compared to Kentucky Bluegrass. All it needs is frequent watering during the summer. No wonder everybody loves it!

Tall Fescue is the perfect choice for people who need a low-maintenance lawn to withstand frequent foot traffic. However, if you prefer smoother textures, this might not be a good fit for you.

Perennial Ryegrass

Best Grass For Central Illinois

Another popular option for cooler climates is Perennial Ryegrass. Many prefer this grass type because it is quick to establish and has good durability. Its high germination speed makes it the ideal “nurse grass” to cover patches or revive established laws. For this reason, it is part of most grass seed blends. This hardy grass does not require high maintenance and has good resistance to pests and diseases.

One of the main drawbacks of this type of grass is its tendency to form patches or bare spots that you’ll need to re-seed to avoid your lawn looking weird.

This grass prefers sunny locations, so keep that in mind before sowing it in your garden. Because of the coarse texture, dull mowers tend to shred it rather than shear it. However, this is not a big deal if you have a good mower.

Best Grass For Central Illinois: Conclusion

If the area where you live gets extreme winters, ryegrass might not be your best option. If you can, choose Kentucky Bluegrass instead, or consider mixing the two. Indeed, this grass thrives in regions with moderate summers and cool winters.

As a rule of thumb, remember that the best time to plant grass seeds in Central Illinois is between August and October when the soil is warm and moist. Now that you know when to plant your seeds, thanks to this essential guide, all you have to do is choose the right type for your yard!

You may also be interested in checking out the native Illinois prairie grasses.  These grass types need little to no maintenance and can really make an excellent addition to your landscaping.

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