Best Gas To Use in Lawn Equipment

If you’re a new homeowner or have just never operated lawn equipment before, it’s a tricky process. It can be even more challenging to understand the best gas to use in your lawn equipment. Here we’ll discuss the best gas to use in your mower.

What To Look For in Gas for Lawn Equipment

Best Gas To Use in Lawn Equipment

There are certain qualities to look for in gas you use for any other outdoor power tools. Here they are below. 

87 Octane Minimum 

Make sure you select a fuel with a minimum octane level of 87 (87 AKI or 91 RON). Most lawnmower engines need gas with at least an 87 or higher octane rating. 


You should only use unleaded gas in your lawn equipment.

Fresh and Clean

It’s important that the gas is fresh and clean. You shouldn’t put dirty gas in any outdoor power tools.

Check the MTBE and Ethanol Percentages

Make sure that the gas has a maximum of 15% MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) or 10% ethanol. With a small engine (such as you have in lawn equipment), you should never try using gas that has over 15% ethanol. 

Option of Canned Fuel

Alternatively, you can use an ethanol-free canned fuel. With canned fuel, the fluid contains a stabilizer to make it last longer. Ensure it’s unleaded. 

Gas that you store for more than a month will begin breaking down if it doesn’t include an appropriate stabilizer. 

Always Check the Engine Requirements

Of course, you should carefully consult the instructions that come with your lawn equipment before deciding on which gas to use. 

What If You Live at a High Altitude? 

The requirements change a bit if you live in a high-altitude setting, which is anything higher than 5,000 feet. In this kind of setting, you should use a minimum of 85 RON or 85 octane oil in your lawn equipment.

What Kinds of Gas Should You Never Use for Your Lawn Equipment? 

Best Gas To Use in Lawn Equipment

There are certain kinds of gas that you should never put in your lawn mower or any other lawn equipment with small engines. Here they are below: 

Gasoline Blends With High Ethanol Percentages

Stay away from gas that has more than 10% ethanol. Anything higher than 15% ethanol will damage a small engine. If gas is more than 14% ethanol, it will be labeled as E15 (or 15% ethanol).

Some types of gas are so high in ethanol that they are labeled E85 (which stands for 85% ethanol). You should certainly stay far away from those when it comes to powering your lawn equipment)! 


Of course, you should never put diesel in a small-engine machine. The only kinds of engines that take diesel are ones that are specifically labeled as diesel engines.

How To Store Gas for Your Lawn Equipment

You should store your lawn equipment gas in a shed outdoors. It’s best to put it in a cabinet with fire-resistance specifications. You can put this outside your shed. If you store your things in the garage instead, put this outside the garage.

Final Thoughts

Understanding what to look for and avoid will prolong your lawn equipment’s lifespan. So now that you know the right kinds of gas, you can use your lawn equipment confidently and with peace of mind.