Average Watermelon Weight

What is the average watermelon weight? The size of watermelons can vary, depending on the variety of seeds planted and the care the plant has received while growing.

In some cases, gardeners have grown giant watermelons, and many gardening clubs or societies have watermelon growing competitions. The largest recorded watermelon weighed in at 350 pounds.

Most of the watermelons found in your local supermarkets will look about the same size, but their weight may vary slightly. A watermelon generally measures about sixteen inches long and has a diameter of about ten inches.

Watermelons are commonly between 20 and 25 pounds, but some are much heavier. Let’s look at the average watermelon weight.

What’s the average watermelon weight?

Most watermelons weigh between 20 to 25 pounds, but the weight will vary depending on the variety. The average watermelon will yield between 14 and 18 pounds of fruit.

The largest watermelon ever grown weighed 350 pounds, more than ten times the size of an average watermelon.

The average watermelon can be cut into about 60 slices. If one person were to eat three one-inch-thick slices of refreshing watermelon, then a 20-pound fruit would be enough for thirty people. Most supermarkets sell watermelons cut into smaller segments.

Many factors can influence the size of a watermelon, including the variety, nutrients, and maturation.

average water melon weight

Watermelon Weight Factors

Here are the factors that affect how much a watermelon weighs at maturity, as it goes through it’s growing stages:

Nutrients and Maturation

Watermelons will grow larger if they are fertilized or fed organic nutrients. This is good if you’re trying to grow a giant watermelon to win a growing contest. However, if you plan to eat your watermelon, it’s not a good idea to use too much chemical fertilizer. This can affect the taste and health-giving benefits of the fruit.

Watermelons should be allowed to grow to their full potential and left to ripen on the vine. The plants also need to be watered regularly to produce juicy fruits. Watermelons that are well cared for and watered are more likely to grow to a bigger size and weigh more. If you pick your watermelon before it’s ripened, it will likely be smaller and weigh less. Picking the fruit too soon may also affect the taste and juiciness of the fruit.

Watermelon Varieties

The main reason watermelons are different sizes is the large selection of watermelon types available. There are about fifty different watermelon varieties that are enjoyed by people globally. These watermelons are grown commercially, and their seeds are also sold so that gardeners can grow their own.

In total, there are over 1,200 varieties of watermelon. Many of them are rare or are not grown in America. The watermelons variety will determine its weight, color, size, and taste at maturity. Small varieties of watermelons weigh just one 1 pound, while the largest and heaviest weigh an average of 200 pounds or more. Let’s look at some of the most common types of watermelons to find out what your favorites will weigh.

Small Watermelon Average Weight

Smaller watermelon varieties weigh between one and ten pounds. These are popular with homeowners as one family can easily consume them. You won’t have to find an extra twenty people to share your watermelon with.

Smaller varieties also take up less growing space, so they are perfect for those with smaller yards. Examples of small watermelon varieties include Little Baby Flower, which weighs between two and four pounds, Dark Belle and Sorbet, weighing 5 to 7 lbs.

Some slightly heavier varieties that are still considered small include Sunshine, Sorbet Swirls, and New Orchard. These varieties can grow up to ten pounds.

Average Watermelon Weight

Medium Watermelon Weight

Medium-sized watermelons grow to a weight of between ten and twenty pounds. A common example is the Grey Bell watermelon which is often found on supermarket shelves.

This type of watermelon is perfectly round and has a skin that’s green with a greyish tinge. It has a bright red flesh which is very juicy, making it one of the tastiest watermelons available. Grey Bell watermelons weigh between thirteen and eighteen pounds.

Other popular medium-sized watermelons include Sweet Favourite and Starlight, which both weigh between ten and 12 lbs. If you’re looking to grow slightly larger fruits, you may like to plant Farmers Wonderful, which produces fruits that weigh 14 to 16 lbs, or the slightly larger Orange Crisp, which can weigh up to 19 pounds.

As mentioned above, the average watermelon weight is 20 to 25 pounds. Crimson Sweet is an example of an average watermelon that is commonly found in supermarkets. This fruit has very bright green skin with darker green markings. The flesh is sweet and tasty, and the fruit is very round. This type of watermelon measures about ten inches across. It generally weighs between twenty and 28lbs.

Large Watermelon Weight

Larger watermelons are perfect for large get-togethers or barbeques. They can be consumed by 35 or more people and are very refreshing and perfect for summer. Watermelons are considered large if they weigh over 35 pounds.

An example of a large watermelon is Jubilee, which weighs about 35 pounds and has light green skin with darker stripes. These melons have tasty flesh that’s bright red and crisp. As well as being quite heavy, this variety can grow to about 24 inches long.

World Record

The largest watermelon ever grown weighed 350.5 pounds and was grown in America by Chris Kent in 2013. The watermelon weighed approximately fourteen times more than the average watermelon found in supermarkets.

If you’re looking to grow a very large watermelon, you may like to plant Carolina Cross watermelon seeds. This variety generally weighs between 65 and 150 pounds, but if fertilized regularly, it can get a lot bigger.


Most commercially grown watermelons measure about sixteen inches long, with a diameter of ten inches. These watermelons are sold whole or in pieces at local supermarkets. The average weight of a watermelon is between 20 and 25 pounds. Some are much heavier, while others are smaller.  Did you know?  Deer eat watermelon.

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