Are Shasta Daisies Deer Resistant? How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard?

Shasta daisies are considered relatively deer resistant. While there’s no such thing as a totally deer-resistant plant, these flowers are not a favorite food source for deer, so they will usually leave them alone. This article will answer the question, ‘are Shasta daisies deer resistant’ in more detail. We’ll also look at how to keep deer away from your yard and vegetable garden. 

What are Shasta daisies?

Are Shasta Daisies Deer Resistant?

Shasta daisies are a type of perennial flower that blooms in the summer. They have white petals and a yellow center and grow to be about 2 to 3 feet tall. These plants are generally considered to be healthy and pest resistant as long as they are correctly cared for. 

Shasta daisies are a hybrid variety that was created in 1901. They combine the oxeye daisy, English field daisy, and Portuguese field daisy. These flowers are named after Mount Shasta, located in northern California, with snowy peaks. 

The plant was bred to be an easy-to-care-for flower that is hardy and pest resistant. They can grow well in areas of drought and aren’t generally susceptible to insect pests, and are disease free. They are also fairly deer resistant. 

Shasta daisies are considered to be deer resistant for a few reasons. They’re not a favored food source for deer. Deer will usually eat other plants before they eat Shasta daisies, however, if food is limited, they may eat Shasta daisies.

The leaves of Shasta daisies are fairly tough and bitter-tasting, so deer don’t find them very palatable. In addition, the flowers are pretty tall and slender, so they’re more challenging for deer to access than other plants. 

How to keep deer out of your yard?

If you have a problem with deer eating your Shasta daisies, you can try spraying them with a deer repellent or covering the plants with netting. You can also try planting other deer-resistant flowers around your yard to create a barrier. Some good choices include marigolds, daffodils, and lavender. 

Planting herbs like mint, rosemary, and thyme, which deer don’t like the smell of, may also help. Finally, ensure to keep your yard clean and free of debris, as deer are attracted to overgrown areas. 

What about in the vegetable garden? 

Deer can be a real problem in the vegetable garden, as they will eat just about anything. The best way to keep them out is to build a fence around the perimeter of your garden. 

Make sure the fence is at least 6 feet tall and has a tight mesh to keep deer from getting through. You can also try using repellents or netting, as mentioned above. 

Are Shasta daisies rabbit resistant? 

Are Shasta Daisies Deer Resistant?

Shasta daisies are also fairly rabbit resistant. Rabbits tend to prefer plants that are low to the ground, so the tall, slender stems of Shasta daisies are not as appealing to them. 

However, rabbits are creatures of habit and may still nibble on Shasta daisies if they are planted in an area where rabbits have been known to eat other plants.


You can deter deer and rabbits from eating your Shasta daisies and other plants with little effort. By taking some simple precautions, you can enjoy your garden without worry.