Anthurium Flowers Turning Green: Common Causes

Anthurium flowers are known for their dark green leaves contrasted with vibrant flowers, typically a rich red. There are other colors: white, pink, salmon, and black-red. These flowers are more accurately called “spathes.” But what might be causing anthurium flowers turning green?

Okay, but What Is a Spathe?

Anthurium Flowers Turning Green

Great question! Knowing will help you understand why it can sometimes turn green. The spathe is a kind of modified leaf. Its purpose is to draw pollinators into the actual flower, which is much smaller. Think of the spathe as being an advertisement for the flower. 

Why Is the Flower Green?

The spathe on your anthurium could turn green for several reasons: species, cultivation, or improper cultivation.


Some species of anthurium start with a spathe of one color, then transition to green naturally. When your plant is in the store, it’s likely to be an attractive shade that contrasts with the glossy green leaves. 

But when you bring it home, the flower gradually turns green. Such behavior is witnessed in the species Centennial, A. clarinarvium, and A. hookeri.


Anthurium is a tropical plant that has evolved to live in a tropical environment. It’s accustomed to growing in places with low light. To get these plants to have bright flowers, growers sometimes expose them to hormones.

Eventually, this plant will be brought back into your home and no longer fed hormones. At which point, the anthurium flowers will revert to their natural state of green. A colorful spathe won’t always last as long as the buyer expects.

The plant prefers warm temperatures, but if the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the flower will begin to fade too. 

If the plant flowers too early, it can turn green sooner than expected.


Nothing lasts forever! Sometimes you’ll discover your anthurium flowers turning green and losing color simply due to being an older plant. The flower can stay colorful for about a month, but after that, it will fade.

You can cut it off and attempt to get the plant to bloom again, but this can be tricky. We have a little advice for you.

Encouraging New Blooms

Anthurium Flowers Turning Green

You can encourage new blooms on your anthurium plant by ensuring that you’re meeting its nutritional needs, giving it enough light, and allowing it to rest properly. 

Typically, anthurium needs several months off after it has bloomed to recover. If you try to rush the process, that’s how you end up with flowers that don’t last. Instead, prune your plant to encourage new growth, offer a little fertilizer, and then sit back and see how your plant does.

In Short

Now you understand the reason behind anthurium flowers turning green. The anthurium plant is a beautiful tropical plant that has some specific needs. It needs fertilizing, adequate (but not too much) light, and pruning to see the best results. 

But you’ll also need to educate yourself on what kind of anthurium plant you have. Should you have a species that’s naturally green all over, it won’t matter what you do; that plant won’t have colorful foliage.