An Ironclad Way to Stop Tree Branches from Growing Back

If you have trees growing in your yard, you’ll need to do some annual maintenance to keep them in good condition and ensure they don’t become hazardous. Regular pruning can help encourage new growth on your trees while removing branches can open up the canopy of your trees and allow more light to reach the lower branches.  Stopping a tree branch from growing back can reduce the amount of work you need to do in later years.

If you’re planning to prune or tree or remove a branch, you’ll need to take steps to prevent the branches from growing back. Tree care can be dangerous, so always seek the help of a professional tree surgeon when removing large branches. Let’s look at how to stop tree branches from growing back.

How can I stop tree branches from growing back?

Stop Tree Branches from Growing Back

After a branch is cut off a tree, new growth will appear in its place. You’ll likely see new buds forming the following growing season in the spot where you cut off a branch.

There is a method you can use while pruning to stop the new buds from appearing. This will mean that your tree won’t grow a new branch in the same place. You can also use a sealant after pruning to stop new growth from developing. Follow these simple steps to stop tree branches from growing back after pruning.

Cutting the branch

How you cut your tree’s branch will determine whether or not it will grow back. If you cut the branch off as straight as possible, rather than making an angled cut, the branch will be less likely to regrow. There are a few different tools you can use when pruning, including loppers, tree trimmers, or a saw. The tools you need will depend on the size of the branch you want to remove.

Pruning at an angle actually encourages new growth and should be avoided if you don’t want the branch to grow back. You can also cut the branch off below the leaf node. This prevents nutrients from reaching the branch and makes it less likely to grow again.

Use a growth inhibitor

To ensure branches won’t grow back, you can use a sucker growth inhibitor. There are many different products on the market, and these can be used on various tree and shrub varieties. Many products need to be diluted before use, and you should always follow the instructions on the label.

Once you’ve mixed the growth inhibitor, you can use a paintbrush to apply it to the tree’s branch stump. Be generous when applying as this will reduce the chances of the branch re-growing. Most growth inhibitors need to be reapplied a few days after the first coat.

Why is it necessary to cut tree branches?

Keep Cut Branches from Regrowing

There are two main reasons that homeowners need to remove branches from their trees. Trees often grow branches around the lower section of their trunk. This is generally considered counterproductive and may cause your tree issues or stunt its growth in the future.

Lower Branches

Low branches consume nutrients from the soil and don’t always contribute to the tree’s chlorophyll production. This is because they have less access to bright, direct sunlight than upper branches. This is a common reason that gardeners prune lower branches as they grow. However, if you don’t prune your tree correctly, the branches are likely to grow back.

Upper Branches

Upper tree limbs are generally cut off to open up the tree’s canopy, improve the tree’s appearance, and allow air and light to reach lower branches. Dead branches can also be removed, and this may help get rid of disease.

If you want to maintain the height and appearance of your tree, you may constantly be trimming your tree only to find that the branches keep growing back. It’s best to take steps to stop the tree’s branches from regrowing.

Other reasons people remove tree branches are if a tree has suffered from storm damage, rotten branches, or growing branches too close to property. When large branches need to be removed, you should employ a tree surgeon who will be able to correctly remove the branch in a safe way.


With the correct tools and know-how, removing tree branches or pruning your trees without the branches growing back is easy. Ensure you get the cut right, as cutting the branches straight will stop regrowth. You can also paint the stump with a growth inhibitor to reduce the chances that the tree’s branch will grow again.

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