7 Best Shrubs To Plant In Alabama

Alabama is the epitome of Southern climate, and there’s a wide variety of plants to choose from. However, for those who have a limited garden space or are looking for showstoppers, here are the 7 best shrubs to plant in Alabama.

Best Shrubs To Plant In Alabama


Best Shrubs To Plant In Alabama

Hydrangeas are a must-have in any Alabama garden or yard. They’re very tough, adaptable and reward their plant owners with clusters of bright and long-lasting flowers come summer time.

You can choose between smooth hydrangea or the paniculata species depending on what kind of color or bloom shape you want. Regardless of what you chose, taking care of the plant mostly involves keeping the soil moist and away from hot and sunny environments.


Best Shrubs To Plant In Alabama

Gardenias are popular evergreen shrubs that look great anywhere in your yard or garden. These plants can tolerate Alabama heat and withstand periods of drought, but they’ll be more than happy when you water them well and place them in a bright and sunny spot.

Care for Gardenia right and you’ll be treated to white, showy flowers that exude a heavenly scent. Just make sure to have natural pesticide solutions handy as they’re attractive to whiteflies, mealybugs and mites.


Best Shrubs To Plant In Alabama

Boasting timeless curb appeal and masses of colors come spring to fall season, it’s no wonder that Azaleas are fan-favorites.

The shrub doesn’t mind getting lots of sunlight, but it tends to do better if it’s not in a place that gets hot midday sun. Also, consider the color you want to have and the size you want them to grow, then pick the right species to achieve your goal.

Azaleas will want well-draining soil and less watering. If you have the time you can add in bark, peat moss or something similar to acidify the medium. Native azaleas are best for those who want a non-fussy shrub that’s a perfect fit for Alabama weather.


Perennial Hibiscus is great for growing as a shrub in your garden. If you’re looking for a showy container plant then the tropical species might be a better pick.

With large, reverse-funnel shaped blossoms and curious centers, you’ll never fail to elicit a response from viewers when they see this plant in bloom. Picking a spot to grow hibiscus is easy- just locate a sunny spot, put in some well-draining soil and keep a regular watering schedule.

Don’t worry if your shrub loses flower buds come winter time as it will grow them right back as soon as spring arrives. For potted plants, you can overwinter them indoors.


Another heat-loving shrub species, Camellias prefer to stay on the shaded yet bright areas for maximum growth. They can grow the height of a small tree and sport shiny and serrated leaves. On top of the foliage are beautiful and striking flowers that invite you to look closer.

To satisfy the requirements of a camellia shrub you will need to work plenty of organic matter into the soil. Dappled sun is a better option compared to a full one, and make sure to elevate the shrub slightly above the soil line.


Peonies and Alabama gardens are a match made in heaven, since gardeners will love the dense and multi-petaled flowers it brings. Peonies like warm and bright spots, and can also be grown in Florida. You’ll find that practically everywhere is sunny in a typical Southern yard.

Dedicate a spot where your peony gets full sun and regular watering. It might be better to keep it a good distance away from other plants or shrubs so it can grow to its full potential. Lastly, don’t forget to add in compost and fertilizer during the growing season so you can see a profusion of blooms when time comes.

Confederate Rose

An old-fashioned and traditional perennial shrub, you can count Confederate Roses to come back each year in your garden and flower like crazy.

The plant assumes a small tree or shrubby state in zones 9 to 10. It loves constantly-moist soil in order to continue producing delicate yet bold flowers, so keep their watering on a schedule. On hot summer days it might be better to water every day.

As far as rose species are concerned you should plant the Confederate Rose in a sunny location to get the most blooms.

Best Shrubs To Plant In Alabama: Conclusion

As you can see there are many lovely shrubs that grow well in Alabama. 

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